Successfully Handling Family Law Issues For More Than 35 Years

Resolving Your Most Challenging Family Law Disputes

Legal issues involving your family are some of the most difficult challenges to navigate alone. Founded by Linda Sternberg, Esquire, our law firm is here to help you secure a positive resolution of your family law issue with compassion, empathy, respect and a breadth of legal experience.

With more than 35 years of experience asserting the rights of individuals and families in the Watertown area, our skills and experience can help you achieve your goals and start your family’s next chapter.

Your Strongest Advocate and Adviser in Family Disputes

Whether you are going through a divorce, negotiating a parenting plan or fighting for more child support, a family lawyer is invaluable in ensuring your rights and best interests are protected.

When you work with our firm, you will work with experienced negotiators and advocates every step of the way; we will represent your best interests in negotiations and in the courtroom. We are excellent listeners, staunch advocates, and strongly believe in standing up for what is best for our clients.

Comprehensive Representation And Experienced Guidance

In addition to divorce and child custody matters, our firm frequently provides legal assistance with establishing a guardianship, modifying a prior judgment, reviewing negotiated agreements and resolving other complicated family issues. Since 1982, we have helped mothers, fathers, children, husbands, wives and partners make the legal decisions that are best for their families.

Family Law Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Get the experienced legal guidance you need to resolve your family issue quickly and effectively. Call Attorney Linda Sternberg in Watertown at 617-722-8300 to schedule your first consultation, or reach out online to get started.