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Limited Assistance Representation In Massachusetts

“Limited Assistance Representation” (LAR) is now available in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. Limited representation (also called “unbundling” or “limited scope representation”) allows an attorney to represent a client for one component of his or her legal matter. This is different from traditional legal representation, in which an attorney represents a client in all aspects of the divorce or other family law matter. Limited representation is much more economical and cost-efficient. Rather than paying for months or even years of legal representation, you can seek legal advice for select issues or events. Limited representation can be used for all areas of family law, including divorce, paternity, guardianship and conservatorship matters.

Examples of limited representation include:

  • Consultation: evaluate and analyze your particular situation; give you legal advice and inform you of your range of legal options
  • Second opinions: provide you with feedback and information to assist with your current legal representation; provide you with questions to ask your current attorney to help develop more effective legal strategies or identify issues that might have been overlooked
  • Document review: thoroughly review your separation agreement, proposed judgment, or prenuptial agreement and discuss and explain the content to you
  • Divorce coaching: for clients who need ongoing advice and assistance with procedural or substantive issues in a case
  • Individual project services: for clients who want to hire an attorney for a specific purpose, such as ghost-writing a legal pleading or responding to one, drafting discovery requests, preparing a financial statement, preparing financial disclosure documents, performing legal research, writing a brief, or drafting correspondence to opposing counsel
  • Limited-scope attorney appearance: for clients who need an attorney for a one-time court appearance such as only for a motion hearing or a pretrial conference
  • Mediation support: advise you of your legal rights before, during, or after your mediation sessions

Contact Us for Information on Hiring a Limited Representation Lawyer in Watertown

We have the ability to provide limited representation for clients throughout Massachusetts. This may include guiding you through the process of drafting your court documents, appearing in court on a limited basis, negotiating with the opposing party or attorney, or providing you with the ability to advocate your own custody and property division needs. Contact our Watertown family law firm online to set up your initial appointment.