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Skillful Guidance with Child Support Issues

A dispute over child support can be very stressful, but when it comes to your child’s well-being and financial security, this can be one of the most important aspects of your parenting plan.

At the law firm of Linda Sternberg, Esquire, our attorneys guide parents through the process of securing child support — ensuring that your rights as well as the best interests of your children, are protected. We also help separated parents modify existing orders or judgments and seek enforcement of an existing order through a contempt action.

Child Support Guidelines in Massachusetts

Child support in Massachusetts is governed by guidelines that consider the income of each party, the child custody arrangement and the number and ages of children involved. These guidelines are presumptive if the combined gross income of both parents does not exceed $250,000. If the total gross income of both parents exceeds $250,000, the court has the discretion to order additional child support. In a divorce case, the court may decide to order alimony on the remainder. If you are paying support for other children or have other children living with you, this can also impact your child support.

In all instances, the court may deviate from the guidelines for many reasons, including but not limited to when the court attributes or imputes income to a parent, if the parties have a nontraditional child custody arrangement, if the combined gross income of both parents is greater than $250,000, if a child has special needs with financial consequences, if a parent has extraordinary travel expenses related to visitation, extraordinary medical expenses, when application of the guidelines would leave a parent without the ability to support themselves, or if it is in the best interests of the child.

Get the Support You Need to Move Forward

As your child support lawyers, we can help you obtain an initial child support order, obtain a modification of a temporary order or final judgment, implement or terminate a wage assignment, represent you in administrative proceedings with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division, secure health insurance and medical expense payments, and enforce orders to establish arrears through contempt proceedings.

Our goal is to help your child secure the child support he or she needs. Get started by calling the law office of Linda Sternberg, Esquire, in Watertown at 617-454-4705, or reach out online to set up an appointment.