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4 signs it’s time to consider divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Divorce |

Deciding to end your marriage is never an easy choice and one that typically shouldn’t be taken lightly. Divorce is a life changer, just like marriage. However, it might also be the best road to take if your relationship is beyond repair. While people divorce for a variety of reasons, many tend to have certain things in common.

There tend to be certain signs that occur more than others that often point to divorce. Here are a few indications that it might be time to reassess your marriage and decide whether to end it.

Being alone seems like a better idea

As you get older, it is normal to wax nostalgic about days of your youth, when you didn’t have to worry about a mortgage, getting the kids to school on time and figuring out what to cook your family for Sunday dinner. However, if you are convinced that you would be better off on your own, without your spouse, then it might be time to truly consider that alternative.

You’re staying for the kids

Many people think that it is better to stay in an unhappy marriage for the kids than to get divorced. Generally, this is not the case. In most cases, children will grow up thinking that their parents’ contentious and unhealthy relationship is par for the course. By getting divorced, you not only remove yourself from a bad marriage, but you also show your children that they will also have choices when they become adults.

Counseling hasn’t worked

For some couples, relationship counseling can get them back on track so that they can repair their marriage and continue growing and living together in a stable and healthy way. For others, counseling does not work. Perhaps it’s because one spouse will not put in enough effort to make the relationship work or maybe one or both spouses has already given up. No matter the reason, if counseling hasn’t helped your marriage, it could be time to end things.

You’re worried what other people think

Many people avoid divorce because they care about the stigma that is attached. For example, you might be embarrassed or feel like a failure if you think divorce is your best option. However, if you already feel that your marriage is over, what your family and friends might think if you divorce should not be a reason for staying in the relationship. If they truly care that you are happy, they will support your decision and be there no whether you choose to stay in the marriage or divorce.

If any of the above apply to your situation, it might time to consider divorce. Ending your marriage might be the healthiest thing for you, your children and your spouse.