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When to consider a collaborative divorce

Do you dread the idea of taking your private life into a public setting by airing your marital woes in front of a judge? Do you want to retain the most control over how your marriage ends and what happens afterward? Are you and your spouse committed to working through the business of divorce without resorting to an extended battle?

If you can say "yes" to all of those questions, it sounds like you and your spouse might be the kind of couples that collaborative divorces were designed to accommodate.

5 steps to take when asking your spouse for a divorce

You've been thinking about divorce for a long time, and you're finally ready to have this conversation with your spouse. Yes, it's scary. And yes, you may have some concerns about how your spouse will react. Even so, you need to get your feelings into the open as soon as possible.

Adoption, guardianship and your stepchild

When you marry someone who already has a child from a former relationship, you’re making a commitment to the child, as well as to your spouse. You’re choosing to give the child love, a stable home and as bright a future as possible. However, as a stepparent, even if you may have the same day-to-day responsibilities as a biological parent, you don’t have the same legal rights.

If you expect to be deeply involved in shaping the child’s future—by making decisions about the child’s care, education and health—you might want to file for stepparent adoption or guardianship. Both these options give you rights that you don’t have otherwise.

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