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Divorcing spouses typically have one key issue that is most important to them. That issue could be child custody, parenting time (also known as visitation), child support, spousal support/alimony, or division of property. As your lawyer, I will explain the law, help you determine your needs and your goals, and strategize with you to successfully meet your goals.

High-Asset Divorce

Among high net worth individuals, it is not uncommon for either spouse to own a business entity, corporation or professional practice among many additional highly-valued assets. As your lawyer, my goal is to achieve the best asset protection possible along with a fair and equitable property settlement.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law offers an alternative to a litigated divorce in Massachusetts. The collaborative practice model is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism in which you and your spouse work together along with your respective attorneys to reach your individual and mutual goals. Under the collaborative law approach, you and your spouse each have separate lawyers who represent you and guide you through the process. As needed, you may also hire joint experts to help you resolve issues such as property division and child custody.


Sometimes it is best to work directly together while addressing family law issues such as child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony, and property division. Through mediation, you and your spouse or child's other parent will work with a neutral person who gathers information about your family dispute and meets with both of you to find a solution.

Limited Representation

Limited representation (also called "unbundling" or "limited scope representation") allows for an attorney to represent a client for just part of his or her legal matter. Limited representation is much more economical and cost-efficient. Rather than paying for months or even years of legal representation, you can seek legal advice for select issues or events.

Property Settlement

Massachusetts courts treat divorce as the dissolution of a financial partnership. For your future financial security, it is very important for your lawyer to discover what assets you and your spouse have, where they originated, and what your current and future financial needs are.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes can be traumatic for parents and children. While you are living with your children, you have unlimited time with them. While you are in the midst of a divorce or separation you do not have that access, and it is disruptive and distressing. It is better for your child if you can negotiate a child custody arrangement with your spouse or child's other parent. This isn't always possible, however. There are times that you need to litigate child custody, particularly if there are issues of domestic violence or abuse.

Child Support

In Massachusetts, the state strives to ensure that its citizens are financially protected after divorce. To this end, courts may award child support. As your attorney, I will help you seek the child support you need.

Spousal Support/Alimony

Alimony/spousal support laws in Massachusetts have recently changed. Spousal support is now divided into reimbursement alimony, transitional alimony, rehabilitative alimony or general term alimony. If you need assistance with your alimony payments or receipts, I, Linda Sternberg, have the skills to help.


If you are the parent of a child born out of wedlock, I can help you to establish parental rights, including a determination of paternity, custody, visitation, and parenting plan rights. I can also help you secure child support and medical insurance coverage for your child.


Guardianship is a method of obtaining legal custody or decision-making authority over another person. There are many different types of guardianship actions. As your lawyer, I can help you seek guardianship of a minor, a disabled adult child, an elderly person, a mentally ill person, a physically incapacitated person, or a spendthrift.


Adoption is the creation of a new parent-child relationship and is welcomed by the courts. It is both a legal and emotional process, and I can help you with the legal process as you focus on your new family.

Post-Judgment Actions

After the final divorce or paternity decree is entered by a judge, the judgment is not necessarily set in stone forever. The laws in Massachusetts permit parties to seek modifications in the event of a material change in circumstances, and contempt actions to enforce compliance. As an attorney with more than three decades of experience, I provide quality and professional legal services for my clients throughout Massachusetts. This includes all matters and procedures related to post-judgment actions.


Estate planning should be a comprehensive process that considers everything you own and everyone who is important to you. In addition to a will, I can help you draft a power of attorney to nominate someone to make financial decisions if you are incapacitated; a health care proxy to nominate an agent to make health care decisions for you when you cannot make them; and a trust to pass property to your heirs in the manner of your choosing.

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